/ZB on the Mar 18, 2018

After the growth of the short position (against the background of the growth of open interest) in December 2017, the bond rate fell sharply and stopped. On this drop, the commercial began to buy sharply (the growth of open ineterset confirms this).

It is possible to update the minimum bond price to the support №1 or to support №2, after which the price will go up.

Bitcoin (/BTC) on the Feb 4, 2018

Analysis of bitcoin futures.

On Friday, bitcoin futures (/BTC) fell below $8,600, after the purchase volume, the price rose sharply. At the same time, the level of resistance of $9,000 remains important. Breaking this level will mean the end of the last week’s trend.

After strong purchasing volumes from $10,600 and last week’s volume, the price is likely to start rising. But, for a real turn, there are not enough stronger signals.

BTC chart