/CL on the Oct 4, 2017

The net position of the Commercial group began to increase (the growth of shorts) against the background of the growth of open interest – all this indicates that the price will continue to decline.

Oil has updated the local maximum on a growing volume.

The most interesting, at the same time oil growth occurs against the backdrop of the growth of the dollar !!! The same gold does not grow, but falls.

/CL on the Oct 22, 2017

Oil futures are still in the flat. The net position of the Commercial almost didn’t decrease, while the open interest stands still – all this means holding a short position (in the review about intermarket analysis I will later explain why).

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/CL on the Oct 10, 2017

The situation begins to change … the net position of Commercial oil futures begins to decline (to build up shorts), while the growth of open interest indicates that there is a short position set.

It is possible to update the previous local maximum – grabbing shortsties, and leaving down.

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