/HG on the Mar 18, 2018

Slightly above the level of $ 3.2 was a strong sale (huge volume), which until the current day keeps the price below $ 3.2. The open interest begins to rise, while we expect a further fall to the level of $ 3 (which will show further price behavior).

In general, we can confidently say that the short position of the Commercial strongly stopped the growing trend.

/HG on the Nov 19, 2017

Slowly, but on large volumes, reached $3.05 and stopped.

What happened from the end of October / beginning of November is the rebuy of the Commercial of its huge short positions on Copper. Further, expect the movement to $3.2

On this movement it will be necessary to observe the open interest …

/HG on the Oct 22, 2017

Copper futures renewed the local maximum and the price closed above the previous high. It’s good that the open interest of the accrued short positions of the Commercial group has increased dramatically. We are waiting for further consolidation of the price under the level of $3.2.

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/HG on the Oct 10, 2017

The focus was on futures for copper (/ HG).

In early August 2017 was the extreme short position of the Commercial group with open interest at the maximum. The price has rolled away a little, a part of shorts have bought back. It is likely that futures for copper will come to the last high, will update the top and the price will fall.

But, we need to follow the open interest …

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